Academic and Business Writing Journal – Week 1

This and the next posts are going to be assignments from an online course by “Berkeley University of California”, which asked me to keep a journal. I hope you enjoy them!


Week 1

  • Write a paragraph about what type of writing you typically do.
  • In another paragraph, write what you think about writing. Do you enjoy it? Dread it?
  • Finally, write another paragraph about what area of writing you need to improve most. Do you want to be a better essay writer? A more creative writer? A good business writer?

The type of writing I typically do in English is messages sent over the internet, usually by WhatsApp or e-mail. Since I have friends from different countries, this is the easyest way for us to communicate. I also use a lot of academic writing, beacause I´m a homeschooler.

I like writing, and I do it with pleasure. It´s an awesome way to express ourselves, keep notes and information we can´t forget.

The area of writing I think I need to improve most is in business, since it can be different in some ways from the academic writing, which I´m most used to.

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