Academic and Business Writing Journal – Week 2


Week 2

business (2)


Good afternoon, Anna.

Greetings from your colleage Sarah.

Today we have a very important meeting at the company. Since your office is nicer and more private than mine, I would be very grateful if you could lend it to me for some hours, if possible.

Have a nice day,




Hey Anna! How are you doing?

So… We have an important meeting at the company today! Could you borrow me your office for some hours? You know it´s much better than mine!


Good evening, Anna.

You have been probably very occupied this last days, and I did not receive a reply for the e-mail I sent you asking you a favor. I know we had disagreements in the past, but as business colleages we need to have a good relation. It would be very important to me if ou could lend me your office for this meeting.


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