Academic and Business Writing Journal – Week 5


How do you go about revision?

I usually write my texts and review them using a computer. I like to read it out loud and  ask some relatives and friends to read it and tell me where I can improve or if there´s something wrong.

In this course by Berkeley University of California, I learned how to use a very nice online reader called Natural Reader, through which I can hear a native English Speaker readying my text, and pause it to make corrections when a word is wrong written or when there are problems with the punctuation.


Academic and Business Writing Journal – Week 4


In your journal this week, write a paragraph about your strengths and weaknesses in writing. What is your plan in going forward? What steps will you take to improve.

My strength in writing, in my opinion, is my creativity. I always try to write in a way people will “enter the text” and enjoy the moment. I love writing things about science and social issues. The problem, though, is that my weakness is in finding the right words in the scientific area. My plan for solving this problem is reading more scientific books and writing down the new words on flashcards to memorize them.

Academic and Business Writing Journal – Week 3


This week, we’ve been thinking about different types of writing, and how to make the writing more specific. We’ve also looked at some note-taking practices.

Next week, you’ll begin drafting your final writing project. Now is a good time to start writing about it.

In your journal this week, start brainstorming some ideas of what you would like to do as a final project.

  • An essay about a social issue that is important to you (academic writing)

The social issue I will be writing about in my final project is “Abortion and Its Consequences” . This is a really important theme to me. I know many lives are being ceased with abortion, and a lot of women suffer after doing it. That is the reason in my essay I will be doing my best to prove scientificaly that every life matters, and that abortion must not be a solution for anybody. 


  • When does life begin? Search for studies wich prove that life begins at the moment of conception.
  • What are the reasons that lead women into choosing to abort? Poverty, abandonment, fear?
  • What are some consequences of abortion for the mother? Depression, sterility, guilt?
  • Find out ways we can help women to have their babies and take care of them, instead of telling them to abort.

Academic and Business Writing Journal – Week 2


Week 2

business (2)


Good afternoon, Anna.

Greetings from your colleage Sarah.

Today we have a very important meeting at the company. Since your office is nicer and more private than mine, I would be very grateful if you could lend it to me for some hours, if possible.

Have a nice day,




Hey Anna! How are you doing?

So… We have an important meeting at the company today! Could you borrow me your office for some hours? You know it´s much better than mine!


Good evening, Anna.

You have been probably very occupied this last days, and I did not receive a reply for the e-mail I sent you asking you a favor. I know we had disagreements in the past, but as business colleages we need to have a good relation. It would be very important to me if ou could lend me your office for this meeting.


Academic and Business Writing Journal – Week 1

This and the next posts are going to be assignments from an online course by “Berkeley University of California”, which asked me to keep a journal. I hope you enjoy them!


Week 1

  • Write a paragraph about what type of writing you typically do.
  • In another paragraph, write what you think about writing. Do you enjoy it? Dread it?
  • Finally, write another paragraph about what area of writing you need to improve most. Do you want to be a better essay writer? A more creative writer? A good business writer?

The type of writing I typically do in English is messages sent over the internet, usually by WhatsApp or e-mail. Since I have friends from different countries, this is the easyest way for us to communicate. I also use a lot of academic writing, beacause I´m a homeschooler.

I like writing, and I do it with pleasure. It´s an awesome way to express ourselves, keep notes and information we can´t forget.

The area of writing I think I need to improve most is in business, since it can be different in some ways from the academic writing, which I´m most used to.