Academic and Business Writing Journal – Week 3


This week, we’ve been thinking about different types of writing, and how to make the writing more specific. We’ve also looked at some note-taking practices.

Next week, you’ll begin drafting your final writing project. Now is a good time to start writing about it.

In your journal this week, start brainstorming some ideas of what you would like to do as a final project.

  • An essay about a social issue that is important to you (academic writing)

The social issue I will be writing about in my final project is “Abortion and Its Consequences” . This is a really important theme to me. I know many lives are being ceased with abortion, and a lot of women suffer after doing it. That is the reason in my essay I will be doing my best to prove scientificaly that every life matters, and that abortion must not be a solution for anybody. 


  • When does life begin? Search for studies wich prove that life begins at the moment of conception.
  • What are the reasons that lead women into choosing to abort? Poverty, abandonment, fear?
  • What are some consequences of abortion for the mother? Depression, sterility, guilt?
  • Find out ways we can help women to have their babies and take care of them, instead of telling them to abort.

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